ACE Code of Conduct

(last amended on July 16, 2002)
Members of the American Coaster Enthusiasts are expected to abide by this code of conduct to ensure ACE is always represented in a positive manner. Members wearing the ACE logo, attending ACE events or identifying them as ACE members should be aware their behavior impacts ACE’s reputation. Members found to be in violation of this code are subject to ACE’s Disciplinary Procedures and may receive a warning, have their membership suspended or terminated.

  1. Members shall not demand financial favors from parks. Members are not entitled to free or discounted admission for a particular occasion unless arranged in advanced by an ACE representative or the park have a policy that offers members such discounts. ACE members support parks by patronizing them to ensure their future. ACE relies on all parks’ support to carry out its purposes set forth in ACE’s Constitution.
  2. Members are to set a positive example for other park patrons, follow all park policies and rules, and conduct themselves in a polite, courteous and safe manner. This includes: regulations regarding line-jumping; use of seatbelts, lap bars, shoulder harnesses, and other safety restraints; seat selection; and taking cameras on rides. Members are to avoid confrontation with patrons who violate park rules and may report incidents to park personnel.
  3. Members must not ask ride operators or management staff for any rule exceptions or special favors not ordinarily granted to park patrons. Members who request such courtesies to contribute an article or photographs for ACE publications must have a signed introductory letter from an editorial staff member and make advance arrangements with the park. The park’s decision to accept or deny an ACE official request is to be respected by ACE members.
  4. When interacting with the media, members are expected to speak enthusiastically about all parks and roller coasters. While members may have strong opinions about parks and roller coasters, they are to avoid negative criticism to the media.
  5. Members may attend ACE events and activities only when properly registered and their appropriate name badge for that particular event is clearly displayed. Attendance at meals, exclusive ride times, and other event activities for which members are not registered is a violation of this code. Name badges are non-transferable.
  6. Misbehavior at an ACE event or a park; detrimental conduct threatening ACE, its property or reputation; or a violation of the Constitution and Bylaws is a violation of this code.

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